Intro to Digital Photography


This photo was very much an experiment I wasn’t thinking would end up well, but I really liked the end result. The very contrasting light of the building we were in and then the large window ended up making the photo. I really liked the darkness of the brick on the outside and then the circle window framed in the middle. I asked Maria to stand and look by the railing and I really liked the natural pose and stance that I felt brought out her personality and I also liked how she is off to one side instead of right in the middle. I did not edit the photo much, the only adjustment I made was sharpening up the color a bit and pulling on the contrast.


I tried to capture my personality as much as I could in this one image. My faith is the biggest part of my life and I knew I wanted that to be the focus and I love the color of my bible so I incorporated that. I also liked the mystery of hiding half of my face and letting my eyes tell the story in this image. Each morning I see these plants against the river and love the leafy texture and the color and knew I wanted it to be the backdrop. Also, I wanted the image to be taken down by the river behind St. Joseph Hall because that is where I have lived last year and again this year, and Old St. Joes is also a big part of my life and faith development.


For the Social Statement, I wanted to incorporate the pandemic and the problems that so many of us have faced over the past eight months. So much of our world has gone digital, so I wanted that to be the focus. Each human has a need for connection and digitally it is so much harder. I also added the masks on my keyboard to have a nod to the pandemic. Two smaller details I added were the shirt I am wearing and also my computer screen. My shirt has the phrase “Carry on Bravely” and I think that has been a motto for many of us during 2020. Also, I intentionally did not fully clean my computer screen because 2020 has been messy for so many of us.


For this project, I wanted to incorporate my planner because it is something that is constant every day of my life. I also love my colorful pencils and they help me to feel more organized so I wanted to combine the two. This was not my original plan for this image, but I loved the reflection of the colors on the paper and decreased the white balance to make the white of the page pop more and the pen colors on the page to stand out as well.


For my photograph as a metaphor, I decided to combine three different stories and quotes about the rosary.
1) “The Rosary is the weapon for these times.”—St. Padre Pio.
2) When (Mother Teresa) arrived at the front of the line to be checked, the security guard asked, “Ma’am, are you carrying any weapons?”…She replied, “Why yes I do. I have the most powerful weapon in the world in my pocket…” She then proceeded to gently remove a rosary and held it up for the security guard to see.
3) “The Rosary is a sword”


I decided to photograph my favorite places to pray around campus including Adoration, the National Shrine of St. Joseph, walking around campus, the Marian Grotto, and the Mass. I photographed most of the images in the mid-morning and loved the bright lighting on a lot of them and they remind me of the beauty of my Catholic faith.


I wanted to focus on the lighting at sunset for this idea. It has always been one of my favorite times to take photos and I wanted to do a side profile and shadow portrait of my roommate Lauren. The lighting was not ideal on the day we decided to do it, but I turned down the shutter speed to darken the image and edited the photo to make the color pop more. I then used Photoshop to edit out some of the flyaway hairs and focus on her overall profile.