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I was intrigued while tracking my phone usage of the statistics in the screen time section of its settings, mainly how many notifications I get a day. My first project focuses on my notifications during the first week of classes (January 31st – February 6th). I used the same template idea as an iPhone already has, but photoshopped the specific app notification and counts. The time on the phone (11:33) was the total number of notifications I received that week even though I was only able to show the top seven apps. Also, I chose to leave the battery low because all of these notifications drain a phone’s battery, but also drain our social battery.


For this project I wanted to focus on the action of scrolling and wanted to use a GIF format to portray this. I took four photos on my four most common scrolling apps: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube and combined them to show the scrolling motion in the final GIF. The backdrop is the top blanket I have on my bed because that is where I tend to scroll most frequently.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!