Computer Graphics


De Stijl art focuses on a simple three-color palette of the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue along with lines and simple shapes. This piece focuses on three important pieces in the Catholic faith. First, is the Challace which holds the Precious Blood of Christ. Second, is the Monstrance which holds the Eucharist during Adoration. Lastly, is the Bible. I wanted the Eucharist to be in the middle and the colors worked out perfectly to have the red with the Challace into the yellow with the Monstrance and wrapping up on the left in blue with the Bible. On the bottom, I love this quote by Saint Augustine and made the line separating the three sections and the quote mimic a heartbeat pattern to tie it all together.


This Russian Constructivism-inspired book cover is about a made-up book about two college roommates on their freshman move-in day wondering if they will all get along. Although I didn’t stick to the Russian Constructivism color palette, I tried to stay true to the sharp edges and shapes that inspired at period. On the back cover, I also added two main symbols of my college, Old St. Joes Church and the St. Norbert College arch.


My illustration was aimed to show the effects of climate change on the Antarctic where Penguins frequent. Most of the ice has melted and only fragments remain with only a small chunk for the penguin to stand on. The contrast of the dolphins jumping in the air versus the penguin on the iceberg is to hint at how the water is heating up around the globe and dolphins are swimming farther south into penguin’s habitats. The bright colors of the sunset in the background with the reflection in the water helps to tie the illustration all together.


For my collage project, I wanted to incorporate a rainbow of butterflies flying away from a flower. I used a variety of butterflies and used the replace color tool in Photoshop to create the varying rainbow. Out of the projects for Computer Graphics, this is the one that I struggled the most to get the idea in my mind onto the computer screen, and after hours of painstaking detail, I really like how it ended turning out.


This collection are the art pieces I am most proud of during my career at St. Norbert because of the deep significance they each have to me. My deepest identity is being a beloved daughter of Jesus and the Holy Family has such a special place in my heart. I created this collection as my final project for my Computer Graphic class in the Spring of 2020.


I recently realized how much I love the Divine Mercy image of Jesus given to St. Faustina in prayer and knew I wanted this picture to represent Jesus for my Holy Family Collection. The two rays emulating from Jesus’ heart signify the blood and water that fell from His pierced side on the cross. I also wanted to include St. Faustina’s famous saying, “Jesus, I trust in you.” The actual image is a bit more detailed, and I wanted to make a simpler version and purposefully do not have a complex background because I liked the idea that Jesus feels like He is floating, signifying his holiness, and the background color being white to signify His divinity. Easily the hardest part of creating this piece was deciding on a font for the lettering, but I am happy with the brush font that I decided on.


For Lent in 2020, I decided to start the habit of saying a daily rosary as part of a 54-day novena. During this novena, the Covid-19 pandemic shut down most of the world, and through many changes, I found myself clinging to my rosary. Some of the best days I had involved rosary walks before class or work and my daily rosary habit soon became the anchor of each of my days. Because of this, I wanted to honor Mary with an image of the rosary and to show how powerful the prayers can be.


This piece easily took the longest to create, however, it is the piece I am most proud of. The goal of this piece was to become better at the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator and also to create a bit of an abstract image of the sleeping St. Joseph statue that Pope Francis popularized. There were many drafts and hours of painstaking detail especially on the blanket he is wrapped in. I also worked to incorporate a bit of the gradient tool on his cloak, but ended up switching the bottom half of the cloak to be in solid color. The final touch was adding the text “St. Joseph pray for us” and the yellow glow around him. The yellow glow reminded me of the glow around most saints in images to represent their holiness.