Growing up right outside of Green Bay, I feel like I grew up in the largest small town there is. I love the city and its amenities and decided I wanted to go to college close to home. I became very involved in my church in middle and high school and wanted to continue that volunteering and serving through college. This led me to become very involved in the Catholic programs and clubs on campus. After graduation, I am hoping to stay in the Greater Green Bay area; however, I am open to wherever life takes me.


I have had the privilege to work two jobs for the Academic Technology Department for the ITS department. For the past two years, I have been a research fellow for an imitative on campus called Full Spectrum Learning. Through this research, I have been able to attend the 2019 Digital Pedagogy Lab at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia. During this lab conference, I had the ability to take a course on Open Pedagogy and analyze and understand the benefits this style of teaching can have on students. This summer, I will have the opportunity to present virtually for the Bryn Mawr College Blended Learning Conference.

For the past academic year, I have also had the opportunity to work as a Tech Bar Consultant. Through this position I have the ability to teach students one-on-one about different digital literacies including Virtual Reality. St. Norbert also has a Domains Program where each student during their four years at the college has the ability to have a space on the web that the can customize and I get to help students design these spaces on the web. During summer of 2019, I had the ability to present at the Reclaim Hosting Domains Conference in Durham, North Carolina about the St. Norbert Domains program and how it connects to Full Spectrum Learning as well.


Chiara is the Catholic Women’s Group on St. Norbert College’s campus and I have been able to become more heavily involved over the past two years by on the Executive Board and becoming the Treasurer and now the Vice President. Being in a leadership role the past two years has allowed me to see the background of the club and understands what goes into planning events and finances, especially the yearly retreat that Chiara hosts. This club has also helped me to dive deeper into my faith and continues to teach me more that I ever thought possible with an incredible group of young women.