Hello! My name is Cassie Nooyen who is a sophomore Computer Science with a Graphic Design concentration and Mathematics double major at St. Norbert College. I love working as a Tech Bar consultant teaching students and faculty about digital literacies, mainly through the Knight Domains program. Additionally, I am a research fellow for an initiative called Full Spectrum Learning, focusing on measuring the levels of engagement and technology in a course to show the depth offered to students at St. Norbert. Through these experiences, I have also had the opportunity to present at several national conferences. I love designing the web, mainly in HTML and CSS, along with working in C++, but please don’t ask me to fix your computer problems, because I will probably break them even more. I am currently exercising my math brain as the treasurer of Chiara, the Catholic Women’s group on campus and designing the website while running the social media accounts as the Social Media Specialist for Green Knight TV. My next step is to land an internship in computer data programming to develop and refine my skill set.